Is one bunion operation used to correct all the deformities

There are about five different procedures to correct bunion deformities. Selecting the correct operation for the deformity reduces the possibility of recurrence to less than 10%.

How long does it take to recover from bunion surgery?

Generally, patients are permitted to walk in a stiff post-operative shoe after the operation. After about two weeks the patient is usually able to place the bare foot flat on the floor. As a rule, dressings and immobilization are used for six to eight weeks after the surgery.

Are bunion operations very painful?

Over the years, as bunion surgery has evolved, pain management after surgery has evolved as well. A popliteal block (an analgesic administered into the area behind the knee), done after the operation, will give 18 to 36 hours of pain relief. When it wears off, oral medication is generally sufficient to control discomfort. After four or five days, the need for pain medicine is usually minimal.

How do bunions develop?

Women develop bunions ten times more frequently than men. It is thought that the narrow shoes that they wear contribute significantly to the development of the deformity. When Japanese women stopped wearing traditional shoes and began wearing western footwear after World War II, the incidence of bunion deformity went from almost zero to the same as it is in the United States today.

How long after bunion surgery can aerobic exercises be resumed?

As a general rule, the foot is immobilized for 6-8 weeks after surgery. Walking and gentle exercises are recommended for the next month to allow the foot to become strong. After three months, most activities can be resumed as tolerated.


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